lundi 17 novembre 2014


magician drawing fantasy sexy girl darkness

From the World of Argane Idriss: Lifh, Demethos's creature.
She has to travel the world to spread misery and desolation, to inspire violence and greed, to cause diseases. She brings deads'souls into hell. Demethos is the Death, she is the Hell's gate. Time is everyone's ennemi, but as she can't die, she does not care about it, and wait for everybody's times up.
In the story, she will evolve a lot. At first, she will cause an important chains of events. At the end, she will change the world's destiny.
Lifh is one of my favourite and most important character of my novel. Without her, no story.

Pencils, pens from 4h to 2b, ink. Used Photoshop CS6 to crop it Don't use without my written permission

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