lundi 23 septembre 2013

Albargard, the lonely Tree

From my Role Playing game, Iriona : a legend from Elve People, Albagard the tree without family.
The Elves becomes tree sometimes, to take care of their family. They are called the Anciant Tree.
Albagard became a tree a long time ago. He was gone on forrest to transform himself, and grow up to welcome his children... But a terrible illness took a big part of his family and they passed away. The alone survivor needed a tribe to live, so no one joined Albagard.
So Albagard stayed lonely for siecles... Sadness and solitude was about to kill him. Elve People was sad about this... They just could not accept the death of a Anciant Tree. They looked for his descendant... And find her. She came to Albagard to rescue him. He awoke from his despeared sleeping.

Photoshop CS6, Wacom Babmboo Tablet, 6 hours.

Iriona, concept and artworks belongs to Serely Artworks. Don't use without my explicite accord

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